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When I rent a piece of equipment for a day, what exactly does that mean?

When you rent a piece of equipment for a day rental, you are allowed to have the equipment for up to 24 hours. If there is an hour meter on the equipment you are allotted only 8 hours of running time.



If I have equipment delivered am I eligible for the 1/2 day rate if it's available for that piece of equipment?

No, unfortunately any equipment that you have delivered is automatically rented at the full day rate.



If I rent a piece of equipment and it rains and I do not get the chance to use it, will I still be charged?

Yes, when you rent the equipment you acknowledge the working conditions, including that of the weather and other unforeseen issues that are out of our control.



I'm renting a piece of equipment that I will need to use through Sunday. How will I be charged?

Any equipment picked up Saturday morning must be returned by closing at 5PM that day for a 1-day charge. If you need it through Sunday, we suggest picking up the equipment after 3:30PM Saturday. In that case, you will only be charged 1-day rental if returned by Monday 8AM.



How much does Total Rental charge to reserve equipment?

As a courtesy, we normally do not require a deposit to reserve equipment.



Do I have to refuel equipment before returning?

Please ask your sales person for current terms on fuel.


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